• Story Telling - Timun Emas


         Once upon a time, there was a widow who lived alone,Because there was no one on her side,she felt and dreamed of the presence of a child.In the small village.She say at heart”when I have a child,I tired of live alone”.. And she think for call BUTO IJO.

                Widow  : It has been a long time I haven’t got a child, Last minnner is call buto
                              (She clack his hand, and buto ijo is coming)
                Buto ijo : ha..ha…ha…ha…. !! Why you called me ??
                Widow              : I have one request to you it has been a long time I haven’t a child. Can
                                you help me ?
                Buto ijo : of course, but I have one prerequirement for you!
                Widow              : what is ?
                Buto ijo : If you have a child, you must give me if your child grow up.
                Widow              : O.K !!!
                Buto ijo : This is a seeds cucumber. And if cucumber already ripe. Pick them and 
     crack. And you have a new child
                Widow              : Thanks

    Two weeks passed and the cucumber started to bear fruits,andthere was one which was large and shined like gold. The widow pickad the large cucumberand splitted it carefully and it appeared that therewas a cute baby was named Timun Emas. And as the time goes,timun emas grow up. Buto ijo goes to timun emas hut and he dun timun emas widow promise.

                Buto ijo : where is your child ??
                Mother  : She goes to play with her friend
                Buto ijo : Don’t lie! You must keep your promise !
                Mother  : But She really plays with her friend !!
                Buto ijo : O. K.. but you must call your child now !!
                Mother  : ye… yeah  !!

        Few minutes latter ,,,, In friend timun emas’s home

                Mother            :  Timun emas.. I want say important matter to you !
                Timun emas     :  What is mom ?
                Mother                        :  Actually, before you was born, I have one promise to buto ijo
                Timun emas     :  Who is buto ijo?
                Mother                        :  He is evil giant who help me to have a child and I make a
                                           promise to him when you grow up,I must give you to him. Now
                                           you must run far from here and I give you four small package
                                           contaid cucumber seeds,needles,salt and terasi.I will pray for you
                                           safety from the giant

         Next mother say to buto ijo
                Mother                        : Buto ijo…. Timun emas not in anywhere
                Buto ijo           : Don,t lie again
                                          (afterwards,buto ijo look timun emas)
                                          There is timun emas ! don’t run !!
                Mother                        : Run timun emas… Run !!!

         Buto ijo overtake timun emas…

         He chased her. When she was almost caught,she dispersed the cucumber seeds from the package and they suddenly became cucumber field. He was interested in eating the cucumber. Thenshe was almost caught she dispersed the needles from the package that became bamboo field. His feet were wounded and bled.pricked by the bamboos. Yet he didn’t give up and kept chasing her,then she dispersed the salt from the package and the field became a sea. Yet he kept chasing her. Finally, she dispersed the terasi from the package. Suddenlyappeared boiling sea mud, and finally he was dead. With the dead of the giant,Timun emascould live happily with her mother

    Alfan Yana Putra (9)
    Erga Kandly P (10)
    Muh. Desriyadi I (11)

    mohon cantumkan sumber jika anda copy-paste postingan dari blog ini. hargai jerih payah orang lain :)

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