Water Emblem

“Water Emblem ?
                What is that?
                You will know the meaning of it after read my story”
- Erga Kandly

When I was 8th years old, I get the water emblem at my right hand. The incidend began when my friend and I is playing hide and seek at the forest till night. That forest is very wide and lot of trees .And the game is start. I just confused for find the safe place for hiding of my friend. I just walking, walking and walking till see a cave. That cave looks safe for hiding and I’m not worried because that cave just had small door and really difficult for entering  there. So its meaning imposible for a bear living there. So dark here, even I cant see nothing. I’m happy because my friend will be difficult to find me.  As time passed by, no one found me till I’m sleepy and fall asleep.
Few hours later, I get awake. “Where am i? why so dark here?” its some question for a minute till I’m remember playing hide and seek with my friends here. Then I see to outside of the cave and its dark as inside of cave. The time is must midnighat now. I feel I’m lost of my friend and I’m really panic. No one here and I’m forget how to escape of this forest. And then, I see many scary things like all tree is dancing and a big dinosaurus with has very sharp teeth. I’m shock, scared and running , but it make the big dinosaurus look at me and chase me. I’m running, running, and running untill see a river. I have an idea and say to myself “If I’m following the river, it will make me back to town”, but “ahh. No ! Someone help me!” the dinosaurus is push me to the river. I don’t know what happened the next. I feel at the heaven and all is white. I see a beautiful woman  with butterfly wing came to me and saying  “Im promise save your life but you must accepting my request”,  “What is it?” ask me and she answer me “Do not enter to that forset again. Many black magic and witch there”. Ah, the answer is reminds me about scary thing of that forest. I’m accepting it and never back to the forest again.
I don’t know what happened the next again. I just feel so wet and its make me awake. I see many swarm people around me. They says im drifted at river and its answer my question about why I’m at the town now. I see at my right hand, and something like emblem there.