Red Riding Hood

Narrative’s Film of Red Riding Hood
Directed By Catherine Hardwicke

There is a village on the edge of the snow forest. Just little bit people know that village, but a lot people known the terrible there. That terrible is werewolf. In that village living a beautiful girl named Valerie. When Valerie was a kid, her Mom always says “Do not talk to the strangers.” But Valerie break it and be friend with Peter, a carpenter. They are friends since childhood till adult. And then they are fallin in love each other. But Valerie’s Mom already matching Valerie and Hendry Lazar, a man at same village and working as repairmen. He is rich of course but Hendry is really loving Valerie. And its make Lucie, old sister of Valerie really hurt about it but no one know about this.
One day, Lucie is died because attacked by werewolf. Residents village really dissappointed because residents village and werewolf has a deal. The werewolf is never attack the residents people because they already giving the best pet of them to werewolf every full moon. So Residents village is really angry and want find the werewolf lair. Some people says the werewolf is living at the cave, so they are going there. The fighter of village is searching at the afternoon day because skin of warewolf will be burn if exposed of sunlight. They bring silver exe, silver lance, silver sworld and another sharps which made of silver because warewolf just died with silver sharps.
At the same time, Valerie is really sad and going to Grandma home which placed far of the village. For less the sad of Valerie, grandmother make a red robe to Valerie for make her keep warm. “Valerie, you must be carefull because werewolf always kill the entire family and take their children from their beds.” said Grandma. Valerie just assume its just a fairytale until now.
The fighter of village is came and succes to kill a wolf at the cave and they are believe it’s the werewolf. But one of the fighters is death, he is father of Henrdy. At the afternoon, Father Salomo, the saint person is came to village and says “The wolf which you kill is not the werewolf. its just ordinary wolf” and it make the residents of village getting confused. “If werewolf is biting you at the Blood Moon, not just your body is in danger, but your soul too. Blood Moon is rarely happened, but today is Blood Moon and its just three days. The werewolf is a person of this village, and there among the billagers. The werewolf could have is your neighbour, your bestfriend or even your wife” tell Father Salomo. But the resident of Village is unbelieve it even they are want make a party because the werewolf is killing by them. but Father salomo and the knight still supervise that village
Night is come and the party is starting. The residents of Village looks like really happy. They are dancing, singing and drinking a lot. Really fun and so interesting. But something happened at the next. A werewolf is came to the party and attack the residence. The residence which survivors fled to the chruch because the werewolf cant stepping on holy gound. Valerie and her friend, Roxannie is at the corner and cannot run again. The werewolf come to Valerie and her friend. They are really scared. “You cannoy run of me, Valerie. You must come with me now!” said the werewolf. They are shock because the wolf is able to spoke. But Valerie didn’t want come with werewolf. And then Father Salomo and his knight attack the werewolf, the werewolf is dodge and run. but before werewolf gone, werewolf says “I will back before the Blood Moon is gone” and Roxannie hear they conversation but she is promise to Valerie for never tell to another people. At the morning. The residents is apologise to the Father Salomo because not believe in him. “We must find the werewolf in the flesh because werewolf is really stronge in the wolf.” said Father Salomo.
Claudie, is young brodher of Roxannie is abnormal person.The residents says “He is not the werewolf! Do not hurt him” but Father Salomo didn’t believe it. He is little weird and very childish. Father Salomo suspicious Claudie is the werewolf so, He is hostage him. At the night, Roxannie came to Father Salomo. She is bring the money for release her brother but Father Salomo didn’t accept it. With forced, Roxannie tell the witch who knows about werewolf identity. Father Solomo is really suprice to hear that and bringing people together for talking about the witch. At the public, Roxannie says “Valerie is the witch. She can climb a tall tree. She can ran faster than all girls. She is wear red hooded, the color of devil” but Valerie’s Grandma says “Its nonsense, I make it for Valerie!”. “And the last, Valerie can speaking with the werewolf. I see it with my eyes. So, I’m done Father Paulus, where is my brother ? you promise me to release him”. But Father Salomo already killed him and then will hostage Valerie now.
Father Salomo is placed Valerie at the field and binding her for fishing the werewolf. But at the night, undetected of father Salomo, Peter, Hendry and Valerie’s father is planned for release Valerie. . They are succes. Hendry and Valerie is run away but Valerie’s father and Peter is hostege by the knight of Father Solomo. And at same time, the werewolf is come and find the Valerie. Father Salomo see the werewolf and want to kill it but werewolf bite him. And then, knight of Father Salomo is kill father Salomo because the werewolf already bite him at the Blood Moon and its meaning he will be same with werewolf.
 Hendry and Valerie are run and rest at forest, “ I know you are not loving me but loving Peter. I don’t want forced you about our engagement.” said Hendry. “I’m Sorry Hendry. I have to go Grandma’s home now because its safe place for me”. Next,  Valerie run alone at forest and meet Peter. Valerie is scared because think he is the werewolf and try to stab him with little knife. She still run untill at Grandma home. But she is shock because grandma is here without her soul, Valerie’s father is kill her because she know the werewolf is him. Valerie is really shock, Her Father is try to bite Valerie but Peter is come and fight with him. They are succes to kill him but Valerie’s father bited Peter. So, the next werewolf is Peter.