The Different Education of Java and Sulawesi

            What’s your last education ? How important is education in your life ? In my mind, education isthe most important thinginevery personas a measureabilityina particular field. Education is important because with it humans can acquire knowledge and honing their brain to think, be creative and think about new ideas for solve the problems. With this education, then a person who don’t know became knowing and not expert become expert. Not only knowledge and skills provide by the education but also provide enlightenment about moral, religious and spiritual formation. In Indonesia, get an education is the right of citizens, but some differences and similiarities of educational in Java island and educational in anoter Java island (in this topic is Sulawesi island). Some of the difference is about cost of education and the quality and quantity of an education. Although different, there is one  silimiar of both, it is about purpose of getting an education.

            The first different between education in Java island and Sulawesi island is about the cost of education. The education’s cost is the factor to get a decent education. A parents can send her child to abroad for study there because financial support of parent’s student. Then, how about the parents who can’t afford their child for school ? So, if a student from poor parents, it  is meaning she/he prohibited from attending school? Fortunately, all children in Indonesia are obliged to attend school and fain an education for 9 (nine) years because the education’s cost of her/him will be borne by government, called then BOS or also called as Bantuan Operasional Sekolah. Well, this is the difference. If you are see carefully about BOS in Java island and BOS in Sulawesi island, you will found a significant difference. Tommy Rifandy as a critical of education said the difference is the  amount of costs awarded of BOS in Java island and in Sulawesi island is not same, many schools in Java given free education without pay expensive cost to the school but many schools in Sulawesi island is gets these BOS but still keep paying the school fees. (Tommy Rifandy,, 2011)

            Not just the cost of education are different but also quality and quantity of education in Java island and Sulawesi island is really difference too. First about quantity, you can see the reality that schools in Java island is so many than schools which located in the Sulawesi island. With so many school in Java island, so the student who school in Java have many options to choose schools where to continuing their education. Different with schools in Sulawesi island which not have many types if schools, there are even some schools that allow 40-50 students in a class, ideally in Java Island while onlu 20-30 students at a class. Next about the difference quality of educations in Java island and Sulawesi island. For example the difference about quality of education is like facilities and infrastructure of the school. The fact is schools in Java is so good quality than the other islands in Indonesia. Because it, growth rate in Java island is increased because students always want have nice quality of their education. From the two differences above is very concern because the government such as giving more attention to the Java island in comparison to other islands.Former president of Indonesia, Yusuf Kalla said education in Sulawesi island is very low than Java education, Sulawesi’s student still hard or rejected in University which located in Java island. (Yusuf Kalla,,2011).

            But from of these differences, there are still similarities between the factor of education in Java and outside Java island, like method of teaching provided the basis based KTSP or also called as Kurikulum Tingkat SatuanPendidikan.Besidesthat similiarities,The another similarities must always bethe same ineveryschoolisthepurpose ofobtainingan education.The purpose of educationis toget a degree/professionalgoalsora verywanted andwant to be likewhat theirfirstdreamed ofthinking(this is called as goals). By this means, students are expected to chasing the target of future career ass their goals. This is the most important to be considered by Nation and the State to develop studentspotential in the future work for betterment of Indonesia.

            So, some of the difference between education in Java island and Sulawesi island is about cost of education and the quality and quantity of an education. Nevertheless, between of schools which located in Java island and Sulawesi island have same purpose and direction to be reached, it is to get a professional ideals like as the willingness of students. But for me, wherever the located of the school and whatever about quality and quantity of a school, if there is a excellent seed in that schoolm it does not the rule out the possibility that seed are far excellent among the excellent seeds in the excellent area. Remember, it is possible to found a pearl behind thatch.